Accutane - when to Quit? - Bursa, Turkey

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I had mild-severe acne especially right down...

I had mild-severe acne especially right down around my chin under cheeks most people say the cause of these acne is hormonal.

i started using Roaccutane on 07.01.2009 and i am still on it. i took 30-40 per day now i have reached the cumulative dose of 5600. i am 53 kg. there are still 1-2 spots around my chin/under cheeks. so my doctor prescribed me another dose of 2 months : 30 and 30 mg. so 2 months later when i quit i would have taken a cumulative dose of 7400.

some people say this drug should be taken for 4-6 months. i do not know what to do. shall i quit or continue?

Mehmet Doğru

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