Deleted All Acne from my Face and Permanently Shrank Sebaceous Glands - New York, NY

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My face was not cystic, but i had a lot of acne....

My face was not cystic, but i had a lot of acne. None of it has come back on my checks, forehead, or upper lip. The lip third of my face by my chin and jaw break out but it is the difference between a face full of acne and a few zits. My nose was the only thing that really relapsed. All of my blackheads were gone and the pores shrank by the sides of the nose, however this went back to the way it was before accutane, though not as badly.

It is not 100 percent but it has permanently made my face much much clearly and more manageable and my skin was perfect while on it.

The side effects I experienced were irritability, depression, and severely dry lips which bleed. They were worth it for the result in my opinion.

I took it for four months. My insurance covered the medication at a ten dollar copay otherwise it would have cost me over 800 a month. I had to pay 140 a month for monthly blood tests and 35 for month doctor visit copays.

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