Pain Was Mininmal but to Have to Walk Around with 2 Totally Different Size Eyebrows, I Was Way Better off Before.

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I did this because i have always had thin brows ,...

I did this because i have always had thin brows , never had and arc and was tired of it

Pros where , tatoo's dont hurt , I really saw no cons as I thaught there wols b somekind of stencil so they qwouls be excactly they same, now I have huge {whn Im used to tiny] and two different shapes and even sizez, this needs to ne fixed nd I intend to be sure it does.

She even had us pay her in cash , gave us no receipt ans my daughter also had her eyes done.

actually i had lip liner and new eye brows, as I had very little. made but couldt find a spot fr them, to chooose from here. would you live like this , when your job is working with people everyday of you life?
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give her a call .lol she'll give ya a hell of a deal,lol

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