Botox Allowed Me to Look As Care Free As I Felt

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When I hit my 30s I started looking really pissed...

When I hit my 30s I started looking really pissed off when I was completely happy and content. I was often asked "whats wrong" you look mad and I wasnt. It made me very self concious about myself when I was attending my childrens sporting events. I wondered to myself, "Do I look completely pissed off to other people"? After five years of hearing this and worrying about it I decided to take action.

After doing some research I decided to give botox a try. I got five injections above my upper lip (please, if you do this go to someone who is very qualified, only a minimal amount should be used in the upper lip area) and what was left went in between my eyebrows. I am only on day four and notice a difference. I just love that I have found a solution for myself and botox is not that expensive these days.

The injections felt like a pinch for a second only. The botox itself does not burn or anything like other shots can.

I would recommend this to anyone thinking about botox. You will not look like a different person but will look more youthful and happier.

Very professional and know what they are doing. I feel others with bad experiences probably didnt see a qualified Dr.

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