8 Months After Rhinoplasty Still Think of It As WORTH IT.

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I have had closed rhinoplasty for a deviated...

I have had closed rhinoplasty for a deviated septum and the removal of a hump, 8 months ago.I have had the surgery in Romania.

I did it because I couldn't breath on my nose and also for cosmetic purposes.
In my opinion it was worth it.

Pros: it boosts the self esteem.

Cons: the nose has to be treated carefully: no sun exposure, attention to avoid minor accidents such as small hits. Moreover, if one has allergies, as I do,it need prior treatment before. If it's connected to the season, like for me in winter and spring, then, it is better to have the rhinoplasty in the months one feels better. Also, it should be taken under consideration to avoid smoking, aspirin before the surgery and also be careful about telling your doctor all your medical history.

Altough the nose isn't perfect now, I can see a small bump on the nasal bone, that other people notice as well, I am satisfied with the way my nose functions and with the fact that it is smaller and that it added finesse to its shape.

Could facial exercise(smiling, "lifting" the cheek muscles) hurt the nose after rhinoplasty?

My second question would be: is a closed rhinoplasty more prone to middle vault collapse than an open rhinoplasty? I have had rhinoplasty eight months ago for deviated septum and removal of a hump. I am worried about that condition, easily recognizable by that inverted V.

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My doctor was recommended to me on a forum, on the internet. Many people praised him there. I went for a consult and I liked the way he was: both a professional and a kind person. I also payed attention to the people in the waiting room, who had come for check ups. Their noses looked good.

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