7 Day Review of Active FX/Deep FX Treatment - Minneapolis, MN

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On Tues., Nov. 18th, I had Deep FX tx. under my...

On Tues., Nov. 18th, I had Deep FX tx. under my eyes and all over my jawline, cheeks and temple area, along with Active FX on the chin, inner cheek, nose, and forehead.

My goal was to even pigmentation, reduce the lines around and under my eyes, and ultimately, achieve some tightening all over.

I work in the office where I had the treatment done, I was a "model" as we are looking to find the right CO2 laser to best fit our needs.....

I sent the following email to the physician who performed the treatment just this morning. (Nov. 25)

Day 2, very swollen, Day 3, ridiculously swollen. Day 4, moderate and the "crusty outer shell" shed easily- Day 5, under eye area swelling continued, Day 6, moderate under eye swelling, today, not too bad.

As far as the comfort of the process: intense heat through Day 4, even Day 5. Today, the face still has internal heat.

Topical products other than vaseline or aquaphor (which may or may not have encouraged a breakout): biafine, intense recovery tx. from revale, silvadene cream. Nothing too miraculous about these. Is Clinical Sunscreen worked beautifully and Revision Skin's Intellishade SPF 45 worked beautifully as it has a tint that evens out skin tones and reduced the red considerably.

I would greatly have appreciated as a patient some pain medication and even something like lorazipam for sleeping. The intensity of the heat and discomfort made sleeping difficult the first few nights. Lots of itching and nagging heat.

Overall, with the correct topicals ( I understand the aquaphor is recommended) and some meds., this process should be a no-brainer for patients- I would recommend a Thursday or Friday treatment with 3-4 days downtime depending upon lifestyle, line of work, etc.

Results are starting to be obvious and I am confident that there will be some tightening affect as well. Pigmentation seems significantly improved on forehead and all over, scars are hard to say at this time.

I am eager to see exactly what marked improvement will result around and under my eyes, there is still some swelling.

I am biased. I work for him/ and with the others. They're exceptional, smart, and cautious when making treatment decisions.

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