Love Radiesse! Took 10 Years off my Face!

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In October '09 I had one vial of Radiesse used on...

In October '09 I had one vial of Radiesse used on my face. My dr said I am not ready for a facelift - yet - and hopefully never! :) I had my jowlettes done, N/L's, and marionette lines filled in - I just turned 60 in Dec. and I love it when no one believes me! It did take 10 years off my face. I am very happy with radiesse. I can still feel the product beneath my skin so I know it is still there (it's only been 3 months). Most likely I won't have to go back for another year.

To me it was well worth the cost and it only took about 15 minutes on my lunch hour. No pain to speak of - he used a topical. The radiesse had some painkiller in it as well. I went straight back to work and had a small bag of ice his assistant had given me. Had some mild swelling.

That evening I still had mild swelling - the next day none. My boyfriend saw me that night and never said anything though he looked at me like 'something was different'. I sort of kept my face averted when I could! And after a few days, I saw the full effect - GREAT! I will anxiously do it again when needed.

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I went to my plastic surgeon who did my breasts 6 years ago. I trusted him and would never go to a "beauty spa" - never let someone not board certified touch your face. Things can always go 'wrong', but you are much better off with a trusted plastic surgeon.

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