6 Months Post Rhinoplasty to Remove Hump on "Roman Nose"

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Basically had a very big nose a small jaw line. It...

Basically had a very big nose a small jaw line. It was clearly what you'd call a "Roman Nose". Large bump.

I had the bump removed and my surgeon said he'd raise the tip.

I'm concerned about the tip of my nose. I'm nearly 6 months post op' and my tip dosen't sit right on my new nose. Whenever I run my finger down my nose it's flat up until the last 3rd. There's like a bump around my tip which is concerning. My tip feels quite hard and I'm hoping this is swelling. I'm only 19 years old, 18 when I had the operation and I thought swelling fades faster with youth.

Im mentally drained worrying about this and just wonna get on with my life. I really dont know what to make of my new nose. My surgeon was recommended by my GP, family docter. He's on the board of national surgeons, I dont want you thinking I went to the "wrong kinda guy".

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