Above and beyond! - Atlanta, GA

Vaginal Rejuvenation


Doctor Review

5 Nov 2016

1 day ago

Above and beyond! - Atlanta, GA

Can't express my gratitude enough! I only had my surgery today but I can honestly say Dr.Movagharnia is amazing! Him and his team are so friendly and made me feel so comfortable. I had met with other doctors for consultations and was sure to do my research to chose the person I felt most qualified. After meeting Dr. Movagharnia I was blown away. I knew immediately he was knowledgeable, confident and qualified. You must have an abundance of trust in someone in such a situation and I can honestly say I had no doubt what so ever with him. Not only that after surgery he gave his own personally cell phone number if I needed anything or any questions. He personally checks in on his patients via text/call.. not a secretary or nurse..nope not this amazing doctor! As I write this review I just recieved a message from him checking in and making sure I was doing well. Obviously it takes time to heal and see the true results and today was only day one but I have no doubt he has made my dreams come true. I have been insecure after having a ten pound child vaginally. It took a toll on my personal love life and my confidence. Thanks to Dr. Movagharnia That's about to change. So today I welcome a new improved me and it's all thanks to the amazing Dr.Movangharnia! I cannot recommend him enough!