5'4"/170lb mother, power lifter, Coolsculpting review!

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5'4"/170lb mother, power lifter, Coolsculpting review!

I'm pretty thick and muscley but I've always had a little extra fat on me. Even at my smallest 148lbs I still had love handles (more to the back vs hanging over the sides) and saddlebags.

After our recent move to Cali, I'd been gaining a little weight so I started looking for options. I am scared to death of needles and pass out all the time so regular lipo or smart lipo isn't a good option. Also I can't take time off from work right now. Insert coolsculpting.

I found an awesome PA who isn't on here but she's at Athena Medical Group in monterey ca. She was so nice and spent tons of time with me making sure she knew what I was going for. Total treatment cost is $5,120 but that's for two applicators on each love handle and one applicator on each thigh. All that-times two sessions. I'm actually doing the treatment as I write this.

Applicator doesn't hurt at all, feels like putting a shop vac on our skin. The cold isnt bad either. Honesty I've been playing candy crush and snoozing on and off. The stick of butter was present and she massaged it out. That part isn't comfortable but it doesn't hurt because it's totally numb. The only pain is after the massage for about 2 minutes.

Listen, I don't have ANY pain tolerance and this didn't hurt at all. I did get nauseous and almost pass out after the first treatment when I got up to use the bathroom but I pass out regularly (like watching my friend get a piercing and one time when I stubbed my toe..:/).... I'll try to keep updating with progress pics!

Treatment done!

Here are some more photos from before and during.

More pics after the treatment.

Outer thighs today!

Getting my outer thighs done today! This applicator doesn't have the suction so it's a little different. No stick of butter :(

On a side note, I did have tingling and numbness over the last 6 days. A few needle prick like pains but nothing so serious as to require ibuprofen or RX meds. I feel like my flanks are already responding!!

One month later!!

Love the results from coolsculpting on outer thighs and love handles. Can't wait for my next treatment in a few weeks!
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