Extremely Athletic, 45 Yrs. Slim with Baby Fat That Wont Go Away - Singapore, SG

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I run 6miles (9.7km) 4 - 5 times a day for past...

I run 6miles (9.7km) 4 - 5 times a day for past 6mths, Eat out only once or twice a week and cook very health. I recently started monitoring my food on Myfitnesspal.com and have lost about 8 - 9 lbs(3.7kl) I'm 5.9' do heavy weight lifting, 34'' waist(85cm) weigh 170 lbs (77(kl). Four years ago I had a 32'' waist. That translates to 30'' when I buy pants. Clothing measurement lie to you to so that u feel better and buy. I have a little bit of baby fat around my body I have trouble getting rid of. I have gone several clinics and been measured on my fat% equalling about 11.5 to 12% so as you can see I have very little already but that damn baby fat is still there. I have gone to several clinics trying to learn about the various none surgical fat reduction treatments out there and have decided on coolsculpting. Well the treatment itself was painless until they came in and massaged my tummy to loosen up the dead fat cels. That was freaking painful but over in 10 min. Done twice after each cycle or area of suction. Well lets see what happens

waist size 34'' before

I assessing the treatment by my waist size. I will post pics the doctor took right before my treatment. I am hoping to get to 32'' I am continuing with my 5 day workouts and healthy eating.

Lots of cardio and finally abbs are showing

I've dropped down to 32.5'' and feeling great about it. It took the cool sculpting 3 or 4 mths to show its effects. I believe it has helped because visually I was able to see better definition of my tummy with the same time period of previous exercise that didn't show as much visual result. Again, it's that baby fat around my belly button and not my upper tummy or sids that I have trouble reducing the fat.
Dr. Calvin Chan

The young ladies were very attentive and lovely.

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