$500 for One Week of Results?!

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I had injections in my lips last week and am...

I had injections in my lips last week and am already back to the way I looked before. All this for over $500!

Because Restylane seems to work for some people, I will not say bad things about my injector, who works out of my plastic surgeon’s office (my injector is not a doctor herself). She was very pleasant and talked me through the injections, showed me how to do the massages, etc. But I am mad as hell at Restylane!

For those who want to know how much I got to enjoy my plumper lips, after the injections I was swollen for a few days but I was actually glad to look this way. It was the result I wanted. My bottom lip looked really great but there was a tiny, hard bump in my top lip that caused me to make an emergency call to my injector. Then on the second day I had a few lumps in my lips despite my rigorous massages, but thankfully these went away by about Day 3... but then the Restylane all went away too!

After all that pain, money, and stress, my Restylane is gone! I’m not kidding! I can’t believe that it has gone so quickly... I have read of people losing it quickly but this is ridiculous. My husband has told me to wait and maybe it will come back, but he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. It’s supposed to give immediate results!

I am so angry and can’t wait to get on the phone to the Restylane people and tell them exactly what I think of them. They must be making a fortune on people like me who would be spending a year’s salary just to have plump lips all year. It’s ludicrous!
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