5 Years of Swelling, Inability to Breathe, Pain Following Rhinoplasty

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4 years after a rhinoplasty for tip cartridge...

4 years after a rhinoplasty for tip cartridge removal only, I have significant problems breathing,consistent disfiguring facial/sinus swelling & pain,ear clicking,occasional ringing. It comes and goes with some minor improvement over time. I have always had allergies and related minor breathing problems-but nothing like this. I finally went to see an ENT who tells me the tissue inside my nose swells because of the surgery and that I have flaps of scar tissue partially blocking blocking airflow from interior incisions. The ENT's nasal spray helps a lot but I was told I will never breathe well again unless the scar tissue is supported with cartlidge through another surgical procedure and that no insurance would cover this because it is considered cosmetic even thou it would only be done to help me breathe and would not affect how I look.

2 years ago, the PC did a small revision on the very tip of my nose and harvested cartlidge from my septum for spreader graphs. He was aware that I was miserable and did nothing to address the scar/breathing issue--which he must have known about.

Some days I can barely function. I just want to feel normal again. No one ever noticed the change in my nose and i don't care about how I look. I just want my life back-to walk in the park on a nice day, to exercise without choaking, to smile without setting off huge sinus facial swelling.

Horrible, although I went to a world-renowned surgeon at a great deal of cost. The dr ignored the physical problems the surgery created and never told me about the risks involved. I am an older patient who watched my nose cartlidge droop year after year. I was lead to believe fixing this was a minor procedure with minimal pain and risk. My quality of life has plummeted. Perhaps this was unpredictable but clearly the PC couldn't have cared less about helping me understand what went wrong and how I might get some help to fix it. He just doesn't care at all!

Why are patients not made aware of this lifelong swelling and scarring issue? Can't a Dr cut back the scars at least to help? Wouldn't insurance cover this if it is to breathe? Any other advice?
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