Had Braces Twice, Getting Minor Adjustment (16 Weeks) W/Invisalign

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I inquired about invisalign at my regular dentist....

I inquired about invisalign at my regular dentist. To me, it didn't seem to matter if you get them at your dentist or at an ortho because how they explained it to me is that they only take the impressions and send them away to a lab where your trays are made. It sounds like the process is pretty much computerized. Invisalign is new at my dentist, so everyone there has been excited for me. They also offered a $1500 discount for new Invisalign patients. My insurance covers another 1/3 of the cost.

I have had braces twice and lost my retainer. My teeth crowd quickly and my front teeth were pushed out a bit and I was uncomfortable with my smile. I only needed a minor readjustment resulting in only 8 trays (16 weeks).

My dentist showed me a virtual reenactment of how my teeth would move over time, and what the final result would look like. I didn't see how this could wind up differently, considering the trays were made to follow the reenactment.

I am on the 3rd day, 1st tray. They mold right to my teeth and really are invisible. I haven't quite gotten used to the feel yet and I always want to take them out, but I try hard to keep them in so I can have them out for good ASAP.

There is a bit of pain so just take a mild pain killer if needed. I liked the idea of switching to your new tray before bed (posted below).

Compared to my experience with braces, I am grateful for invisalign. I am a high school teacher and would prefer not to speak in front of my class every day with a mouth full of metal :)

Laurelhurst Dentistry

They are wonderful, they listen, and they have they technology to offer you the absolute best care. The "head dentist" will examine your molds before recommending you for invisalign (no charge).

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