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39 and droopy

Breast Lift

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5 Nov 2016

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39 and droopy

I live in Nebraska and I drove an hour to see Dr. Steele in Sioux City and it was worth it! I consulted with 2 other surgeons close to me and ultimately, Dr. Steele was the best choice for me. After having 2 children my breast were droopy-but still full. After, consulting with Dr. Steele we decided a breast lift was my best option. I am so thrilled with my results! They are even more perky than they ever were before having children! The shape is great and you can barely see my scars! Dr. Steele is a perfectionist(seems all the other patients on here agree to that) and is very calm and patient. He definitely is very confident and knows what he is doing. I would highly recommend him! Thank you Dr. Steele!!