Right Breast Shrunk After Breast Augmentation with 350cc Implants

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After two pregnancies, I had dense "b"...

After two pregnancies, I had dense "b" cup sized breast. In September 2008 I had a breast augmentation using a 350 cc saline implant. All went well with my surgery and I was very please with my results up until two weeks post op.

Two weeks post op I was carrying a bag that weighed 9 lbs. I had a very bad/painful muscle spasm and immediately felt my right breast shrink. I was called in a muscle relaxer, but it didn't seem to help. My Dr. says that I have a larger version of what I had before, which isn't a good enough answer for me.

Today, my right breast is at least a half cup smaller than my left; it's also higher and harder. If I lay on my back, it sits straight up, where my left breast falls naturally to the side.

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I felt comfortable with my Dr. and his surgical skills, but having no proper explination for what happened post op leaves me hesitant to refer him, but I would.

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