3 Days Post Liposuction Surgery

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I've been battling with 15 pds, where dieting,...

I've been battling with 15 pds, where dieting, exercising,starvation could not touch.   10pds of those being in my upper, lower abdomen, and flanks. Very stubborn and discouraging 10pds. This made me an excellent candidate for liposuction.

The procedure lasted 1 1/2 (don't remember a thing).  3 days post surgery, I can already see a major difference. What I wasn't ready or prepared for was the pain, swollenness, discomfort, bruises, the itching and recovery time. Plus "being constipated" cause by the antibiotics. Prune juice will do the trick....I am confined to my place which is in itself is driving me nuts.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the result. At a seating position, looking down, I see my breast and not old fat belly. I lost 3" off on my upper abs, 3" off lower abs, and 3" off flanks. (That is while still being very swollen) plus I see a nice sculpting look in the making. I did not loose any weight. If anything I gained about 6 pds more right after surgery with all the fluids pumped in me for the procedure. The weight shall slowly come off in 1-3 months they say, provided that I eat right (eating slow until full and not stuffed) exercise 3X week for hour.

Besides having all the discomfort, I am already visualizing the final me and it's already given me the kick and motivation I need to start working out again when ready.

On a scale 1-10, 10 being highest, I rate the expectation, the way my mid section looks now, my doctor, and recovery a whopping 9. (the pain killed a perfect score). Pain is getting less day by day. I anticipate full body function in 2 weeks. I encourage all of you thinking about this to do your research, make a decision. It was woth it to me.  This gave me 10 miles head start. A head start might just be all you need!

Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

The cost was within my means. Rates are based on duration of surgery and how much fat to be removed. For me it was 1500cc. The Doctor, his staff were very realistic and honest about the entire procedure and expectations. Hospital fees and Anesthesia are extra, but still reasonable.

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