3 Days Post Op

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Okay so today is day 3, the pain is bearable, i...

Okay so today is day 3, the pain is bearable, i stopped leaking tumecent yesterday yayy!

I got to go out in public! went to watch a movie, but was so dizzy and sleepy, i wanted to see this movie for so long too (the fast and furious 3)

The day after lipo i went to the bathroom and tore off my garment because i wanted to see the results, it was amazing my tummy was flat and i had no lumps or bumps =]

And then today,i was looking and staring at myself again in the mirror and i noticed that my problem bulge came back to haunt me! it looks like i didnt even have anything done on my lower abs! horrified!
i am hoping this is just swelling and that it will go away =[

Tmw will be day 4 after lipo and i am going to my first day of college and and straight to work after wards, i hope that i can handle it!

But if anyone knows or experienced the same thing as me with the swelling bulge please let me know if it went away!

Overall lipo was worth it in the other areaas i had done, upper abs, back and flank, its jst the lower abs that i am waiting on!

No more jelly rolls! whoot!


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