9 Days Post Op - Liposuction

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Experience was basically pain free - outpatient...

Experience was basically pain free - outpatient basis - roughly 2 hours - results are still to be reveiled! Am suppose to return in 4 weeks for more lipo -

I had Liposuction to my outer thighs and hip area - out patient basis. I was injected with lido and epi - they took out approx 1500cc of fat .

I have a big indent in my thigh and am very bumpy - suppose to go back in 4 weeks and have more done - he told me 3 trips on outpatient. I was not put in a compression garment. I am worried I am not going to have any shape? What do you think of this, is it right?

Nine days after liposuction I have mixed reviews?...

Nine days after liposuction I have mixed reviews? Was never given much post op care at all most of what I have done has been from reading online - one of which I should have done prior!

I still have some brusing and my left leg is a little more sore than the right? I do think more fat was taken from the left, maybe that's why my pain is more so?

Went back to work, 4 days after, which is mainly on my feet for 12 hours plus which made it a bit difficult, but according to my Dr's comments he said he'd had people play tennis the following day? That I don't believe unless they where still highly medicated -

Don't think I'd do again, and don't think I'll go back to the same Dr, and maybe I'll think differently down the road - would definately do more research and definately have my ?'s laid out a bit better than I did -

Getting along okay, went for a massage which also helped, although again the left leg was a bit more tender, it was good for relaxation and bringing some calmness to the priors week stress -

Advice, anyone wanting lipo - DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

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He did not inform me of many details

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