Consultation review: 10 yr old PIP Breast Implants, want them removed

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Melbourne Plastic Surgeon

I have PIP Breast Implants 290 cc and all i want is to remove them. I have had a lot of stress since finding out about the scandal associated with these, also recently finding out my grandmother has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. I have a right capsular contraction, prominent folds in both implants, with a small lump in the left side breast that appears to be a fatty lobe on the MRI, i do have other issues related to these implants aswell, but ill get to my review. So after investigating surgeons in Melbourne that i wanted to go with for removal, i decided to book a consultation with Dr Breidhal, here is my review and experience: I felt he was very insensitive toward my situation, very pushy toward replacing them, he went from saying i should have a good outcome just by removing them in the beginning, as i bought my MRI scan in, it showed some amount of breast tissue, (once my husband was present in the room for a second opinion) it seemed he changed his opinion rapidly, and started pushing for replacement, i made it clear that i wanted to remove them only, his attitude changed, he started saying i had basically no hope and would be completely flat chested, no lift could help me ect, and that i had no option but to replace them. I made it clear enough that i wanted them removed, i felt rushed out after that.

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