2 Times Fat Transfer in my Cheeks and Under Eyes in Less Than 2 Months, and Still Not Satisfiying Result

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In May 2009 i have had a fat transfer from my hip...

in May 2009 i have had a fat transfer from my hip to my cheeks and also under eyes. the doctor harvested the fat using the liposuction technique under local anesthesia then he left the fat reposing for 10 minutes without centrifuging it and then he injected it to desired areas.

I had noticable swelling for 4 days which wasn't discomfortable . one week after, my face look like only about 10% of the transferred fat remained. i contacted my plastic surgeon and he advised me to have a touch up. i did it in july. now my face looks a little bit better but i can't say it's a good result, i still have obvious hollow under eyes and my cheeks are slightly filled.

The doctor saud that if i will do it every 6 monthes the first year and the result will be perfect because he believes that samll amount every times give fat chance to live more than big amount one time. can fat really be injected more tan 3 times in less than 1 year? what is the cons on my skin and my face? if this technique works i don't mind doing it several times since the swelling wasn't bad looking after the procedure, please i need your advice.

how many times could fat transfer be redone in my cheeks as well as under eyes?
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