2 Days Since IPL on Cheeks, Nose, and Chin...

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I had some tiny veins on my face, and a bit of...

I had some tiny veins on my face, and a bit of Rosacea. The treatment completely eliminated one larger vein I hated in particular that was on my cheek, and it appears that most of the small veins are gone.

I did get a couple of tiny blisters around my nose that are almost healed now, and a larger, swollen blister on my chin that wept for about 8 hours the day after treatment, and its beginning to dry up, but still looks creepy and swollen. It's about the size of a dime, but healing. I also got a couple of post-treatment freckles high on my cheek - darker - that are supposed to disappear in a few weeks.

I keep afflicted areas clean, I don't like salves, since they don't allow the areas to dry out. It hurt like a b*tch during the IPL, but I'm happy with the results, and believe that the tiny area that reacted like a burn will heal fine! I DO look better already!

Chia Chen

Oh, my gosh! What a deal! And she's so sweet. The two other cosmetic docs in our area want a bunch of $ just for a consultation...and they act snooty, but my doc is very reasonable with a great bedside manner!

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