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I didn't have surgery with Dr. Asaria, but I did...

I didn't have surgery with Dr. Asaria, but I did have a consult with him for a 3rd rhinoplasty. The first thing I noticed walking into his office was how "Nip/Tuck" it was, but in a bad way. The women working there dressed sexy, all clearly had work done (but didn't look good), and didn't seem very professional. I feel they were hired to advertise his work, but to me it just seemed like a joke. I was not impressed.

Once I was ushered into a room one of the "young ladies" working at his office sat with me and asked me a bunch of questions. She wasn't very professional and the entire process made me uncomfortable. Finally Dr. Asaria came in, re-asked me several of the questions I had just told to his "associate," looked at my nose for about 3 minutes, then told me it probably wasn't worth my time or money to have a 3rd surgery. He told me he'd have to take a piece of rib and that the surgery would be quite difficult and the odds weren't great of it improving. I had been to a different surgeon the day before who basically told me the opposite. Dr. Asaria probably spent a total of 15 minutes with me (in comparison to the 45 minutes the other surgeon spent) and made it quite clear he wasn't interested in being my doctor. He didn't even take pictures of me for a mock up of what my results could potentially look like. Which I know he does. Leaving his office I felt confused, deflated and depressed (but also a little amused by the spectacle that was his office).

I ended up going with the other doctor, it's been 4 months and my nose looks amazing. So, it was 100% worth it, not as complicated as Dr. Asaria led me to believe, and it was 100% a success. So happy I listened to my gut and did NOT go with him. I'm sure he's a great doctor, but I didn't care for him or how he runs his office one bit.
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