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It's been 4 years now since my TT. I still am so...

It's been 4 years now since my TT. I still am so thrilled with the results. The only negative I would like to correct is the scar. It is flat, but a little "wide" in the middle. I don't fault my surgeon, I feel it is a combo of the way I scar, my not massaging the scar as instructed and being a bit heavy at the time of the procedure. It took a few years for the belly button scar to face and "settle in," but now you can't tell. My surgeon did zero lipo on my abdomen, said it hinders healing. I was a little disappointed initially, but now I am glad she didn't. I try to stay fit, so my stomach looks "natural" but tight for having 3 C-sections.

Yes, it hurt. Perhaps 80% of a C-section. The drains were a bit freaky. They stung quite a bit when they came out. It was about 10 days before I felt decent. 1 month to feeling pretty normal.

I did it mostly because my 3rd c-section was an emergency and they sewed my up crooked. One half of my stomach had a bigger bulge on the side. Additionally, I had that lovely belly fat most of us who have had children have, but can never get rid of.

I took about 2 years to visit Dr's and paid for a lot of consults. I went to a small practice- 1 Dr, a woman. She was more on the conservative side, made no pie-in-the-sky promises. She has done breast implants, botox and recently Active-X laser resurfacing on me since.

My best advice, see a lot of Dr's. Don't be swayed by big glossy ads. I requested all of my procedures, my Dr never tried to "sell" me on anything. Do your research, ask questions, follow directions. "Cheap" should be a warning sign.

She was conservative, my health & safety were primary concern. Took a lot of time to discuss expectations, recovery, etc.

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