Thomas A, Hagerty, MD. Kingston, NY

Noticed some skin starting to hang under my chin,...

Noticed some skin starting to hang under my chin, Felt at the time, it would be easier for me to fix this before moving down South on Jan. 8, 2016. My cousin suggested seeing Dr. Hagerty, per her friend.

During my consultation, he told me he had preformed this procedure many times, and he told me I would like the result, which would be a smoother, tighter appearance in the lower part of my face. I trusted him!!

5 days post surgery, the skin was still hanging under my chin, and I went back to his office. He told me, it would disappear. Well, six months, later it was worse. I called and wrote letters, all of which were ignored. I requested money back because I needed a real Plastic Surgeon to fix his sloppy work. 8 months later I received a letter stating he would do a revision at no cost. Realize I'm 13 hours away from him; and why would I let him touch me again??? He refused to refund any monies to me.

I learned the hard way; always, always research before you choose a Plastic surgeon. And never consider Thomas A. Hagerty, MD. 

Fishkill Plastic Surgeon

From my experience, I can not give even 1 star to this person, or his office. Every time I attempted to contact him, his office help said the emails weren't received. They claimed they went to spam. However, due to my urgency they were finally retrieved!!!

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