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He ruined my self esteem

Breast Implants


Doctor Review

4 Nov 2016

1 day ago

He ruined my self esteem

I went to Dr Greenberg in 2013 for saline breast implants. I wanted them to look very perky yet natural, which they did for about a year. Then they started falling below the implant pocket, leaving a double bubble deformity. I contacted the office about having this fixed due to his lack of detail during my procedure to prevent this error. They told me I could pay 3500 for a lift or 5500 for new silicone implants and a lift. As much as I appreciate the discount, I shouldn't have to pay for his mistake . I was also working at Hooters at the time and I could have been a great word of mouth referral for my friends to get their breasts done by him . I am now going to Dr Messa in south Florida to get my breasts fixed. He is a true artist and he guarantees his work and even offers to fix this deformity for free if it occurs to his patients.