There's no question Dr. Undavia is a phenomenal Doctor! - Plainsboro, NJ

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Princeton Facial Plastic Surgeon

I went to see Dr. Undavia for a free cosmetic, rhinoplasty, consultation. Growing up I was always self-conscious about the bump on the bridge of my nose. I was already going to get surgery for my deviated septum so I figured i’d do both surgeries in one shot. Dr. Undavia was so nice and comforting during the consultation. He made it a point to address all the questions I had about both surgeries. He also recommended I do have them done at the same time since that way they could take the cartilage from my actual nose they would be removing from the deviated septum for the rhinoplasty surgery. The biggest thing I was concerned about was my nose looking fake. During the consultation he took pictures of my nose from different angles and morphed the pictures on his computer to show me what he could get my nose to after surgery. Seeing those after pictures really helped give me an idea of the results I would get. Dr. Undavia was honest about what could and couldn’t be achieved after surgery. The results of the surgery were phenomenal. Recovery was a little rough, but worth every minute of it for the results i received. I’d definitely recommend Dr. Undavia if you are looking to change your nose but don’t want it to be over the top and look fake. He is also great about telling you what he can and can not achieve based on the type of nose you have, so you know exactly what you’re getting before you even go into surgery. You are definirely in great hands with Dr. Undavia.

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