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12 Nov 2016

1 day ago

Best Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ganchi is the best plastic surgeon in the world ! Growing up with a big nose was always something to be so insecure about. When I looked in the mirror thats the only thing I saw. When I finaly decided to get my nose done , I did research like everyone else would do and after various trips to diffrent doctors but noone was ike Dr. Ganchi , so I decided to go with Ganchi. His staff is incredible they made you feel at home ! They are the most kind hearted people and he is the most gentle surgeon on this planet ! Not only did my life chage after my nose job for the better but I saw a girl who I never noticed before. I notied I had big hazel eyes, and high cheek bones. I started loved myself and who I saw in the mirror . A little while after I got my nose job I decided to get my lips injected . Dr. G has changed my life and I continue to tell everyone about him. So far I have referred many friends to him and they LOVE their results !! I cant wait to get my lips done again !