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29 Oct 2016

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Best plastic surgeon

I traveled over 4 hrs to meet with Dr Zenn in hopes of being able to have reconstruction surgery after a total mastectomy. The area I live in attempted to perform reconstruction by putting an expander in . I subsequently developed an infection and the expander had to be removed, . I was told by that plastic surgeon that the only option I had was to re try the procedure again in 3-4 months. There was no guarantee it would be successful. I heard about Dr Zenn from another Duke MD and decided to see if he could had any other options . I honestly cannot tell you how wonderful the whole experience with him and Duke He told me that he felt quite confident he could reconstruct a breast with him was, he told me he would be able to perform the surgery using my own tissue . I had the surgery in January and was back to work very quickly, I had no complications and best of all I can wear whatever I want and the results could not be better.!!! I am a health care professional and I will tell you he's the one to see if you are contemplating reconstruction surgery. He and his staff were so understanding and accomodating . I highly recommend him and DUMC