Best Nosejobs are done in Beverly Hills by Dr. Dugar!!!



Doctor Review

7 Nov 2016

1 day ago

Best Nosejobs are done in Beverly Hills by Dr. Dugar!!!

Incredible Surgeon!!! This man made my dreams come true! I have been wanting to get my nose done since I was 14 years old (I am not 28!) and my biggest regret was waiting all this time! Dr. Dugar could not have been nicer and more polite (10 stars for bedside manner!) and I couldn't be more thrilled with my results! I really wanted a subtle rhinoplasty - I was scared of waking up and not recognizing myself. Dr. Dugar assured me with his technique he could straighten my nose and take away my bump without any drastic change. The day I got my cast off, I had literally almost NO bruising left and was on a flight back home to Minnesota the following morning. I found Dr. Dugar through Dr. Kanodia's website and I am thrilled that I did. He is the best kept secret in LA for nosejobs!!! And the best part of it all - NO SCAR!!! I loved that he was able to accomplish everything I wanted without doing an open rhinoplasty (which my local Minnesota plastic surgeon recommended for me). Dr. Dugar is absolutely the best!