My nose is beautiful for the first time in decades.

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Long Island Plastic Surgeon

I had been self-conscious about my nose since childhood. It had a hump, was crooked, and was overly large. I had received many negative comments about it throughout my life. I looked into rhinoplasty many years ago, but did not pursue it because I read that the combination of my issues had a poor success rate. I was also afraid of the myriad of potential complications. I resigned myself to having a hideous nose forever. This spring, my ENT referred me to Dr. Breitbart. As soon as I met Dr. Breitbart, he knew exactly what was wrong with my nose and told me how he could fix it. I did not have to tell him any of my concerns. He was very pleasant, calm, and reassuring. He was positive that he could help me. His confidence in his expertise gave me hope and put me at ease. I immediately decided to book the surgery. Dr. Breitbart performed the rhinoplasty during the summer. When Dr. Breitbart removed my bandages a week after the surgery, my husband and I were shocked and amazed by the results. My hump was completely gone, my nose was straightened, and the size of my nose was proportionate to my face. Except for these dramatic changes, I still look exactly like myself. After I returned to work, many people who did not know that I had rhinoplasty told me I looked "great." Only upon telling them that I had rhinoplasty did they realize what the changes were that had improved my appearance. It has been four months since my surgery and I still receive compliments from my coworkers. My colleagues who know that I had rhinoplasty continue tell me that my nose is beautiful and that my doctor did a "great," "fabulous" and "amazing" job. I am finally not embarrassed by my nose. I should have had Dr. Breitbart operate on me decades ago. On each of my follow-up visits, Dr. Breitbart has been pleased with the healing process. He enjoys having me look at my horrible pre-surgery photographs, which shows his sense of humor. Additionally, all of Dr. Breitbart's staff members have been pleasant, considerate, and helpful throughout this process.

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