Total FX ( ACTIVE + DEEP FX )-Newport Beach, CA

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I had the first of two Total Fx procedures done on...

I had the first of two Total Fx procedures done on my face yesterday and I must say this technology is remarkable !!
It was relatively pain free throughout the procedure and I only noticed slight discomfort in certain areas of my face where the Active Fx laser was following the Deep Fx laser treated areas of my face. Nothing that a real man can't handle right? lol. Anyways the practitioner was very experienced and actually adjusted the deep fx settings over different areas of my face. My face is red and slightly swollen but its very minor and tolerable. I already notice the evenness throughout my face and visible improvement of lines and acne scares, even a trauma scar I have has been greatly improved already. This treatment takes 6 months to reveal its full potential. Collagen will rebuild and raise the acne scare tissue over time as well.

I would recommend the following:

1.) If you don't burn and peel from overexposure to sunlight for example the first time you layout in summer then ***DO NOT GET THIS PROCEDURE!!***
2.) Selecting a practitioner is VERY important for this procedure. One that can properly ascertain your skin type evaluation and settings of the laser equipment!
3.) DO NOT select the MCDONALDS of practitioner's meaning the cheapest price because with this QUALITY far outweighs QUANTITY !!!
4.) FOLLOW the aftercare instructions to the letter !!!

I've read just about all the reviews on here to date and noticed two things. The people complaining that it doesn't work or made them worse tend to be the ones that get the cheapest price and with that a cheap cookie cutter one-size fits all procedure !!! You cannot do this with this procedure! It must be customized to every inch of your face!! PEOPLE, it's not the laser equipment, it's the people operating it... The cheap practitioners accept everyone as a good candidate because they are money hungry and don't care as long as they get your money, probably half the people that say they got bad results should have never gotten this treatment to begin with, etc. etc. etc.

Anyways, that's my 2 cents and I am looking fwd to my second treatment in a few months :)

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I recommend this practitioner for experience, price and good standing in the community.

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