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Dr. Shantala used Retylane to smooth out the hollows under my eyes. I previously had unsuccessful cosmetic tear trough surgery that left me horribly deformed. I had corrective surgery that allowed me to go out in pubic again, but there was much need for improvement. My ocular surgeon asked me not to get fillers, fearing I would mess up his work. Nonetheless, after having had several successful procedures with Dr. Shanthala (Botox, Ultherapy and CoolSculpt), I trusted that she could help me and would not have agreed to do something that was risky or beyond her expertise. I made the leap of faith and had the Restylane injection and I am thrilled I did. My under eye area is now fully restored to normal. Because she is a physician and has that deep understanding of anatomy, Dr. Shanthala is really a pro at using fillers. Rather than injecting the filler with needles, she uses a tiny cannula that she passes between tissues. It is slower, methodical, less painful, no bruising or bleeding as she is not breaking through tissue. It's amazing and the results are spectacular. BTW, I also had great results with CoolSculpt to my mid section (no more muffin top) and an Ultherapy treatment that fixed the sagging skin on my neck and jowl line (which had previously been treated at a spa with an RF device that was time consuming, expensive and did very little to correct the problem). Dr. Shanthala is also a very warm person who really listens to you and will spend all the time with you that you need. Never rushed, very attentive.

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