Do not do liposuction with him!

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Palo Alto Plastic Surgeon

I have been waiting patiently for 2 years to write this review, since surgeons always tell you the finally results will be optimized after a year and I am still very dissatisfied with what I see in the mirror every day. He has botched my stomach. I had liposuction performed by this doctor in my lower belly, my flanks, my outer thighs and inner, and honestly the only difference I hardly see is in my outer thighs. My stomach was so much better looking before I underwent this treatment then after! And I paid an exuberant amount! ( if any cares to know the amount I can message privately since am not sure if i can disclose amounts) Completely disappointed with my stomach liposuction results. This doctor does not know how to shape the body. Whats worse is that he is stubborn and unwilling to listen to your concerns and completely brushed off what you have to say to him. After the bandages were removed there was this hideous pouch in my lower abdomen ( mind you I was not big to start with, I just had stubborn lower belly fat I couldn't remove with diet and exercise) I was 126 going into surgery, tell me why now am struggling to loose the weight and Ive actually gained 7 pounds after the surgery! Its so much harder to keep the weight off even after mindful healthy eating habits and exercise. He saw it and he kept brushing it off saying it was normal. I knew it was not. He said to loose weight then come back, my stomach still looks the same. The most frustrating thing about this doctor is his bedside manners! He wont listen to you and he will just deny deny deny! He wont stand up and be professional enough to tell me "what is it you would like for me to do to make you happy?". I know surgery isn't always going to turn out perfect, but at least offering an option to compensate me with a Coolsculpting treatment to make the area that he mistreated better, would completely turn me around and give him a better review. Yet now am scrambling to pay out off my own pocket to fix what he was NOT competent enough to fix

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