Don't Underestimate Healing Process-Hermosa Beach, CA

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Had first of 3 treatments. I'm 36 and have...

Had first of 3 treatments. I'm 36 and have always been a fan of preventative care. I have light wrinkles, and I'm fair complected with freckles. If you have fair skin, you will likely be a bit more burned/red. Treatment was very uncomfortable. Even with the numbing cream, I wondered if that is what it would feel like if I got a tatoo on my face.

Skin feels tight and bumpy. The bumpiness looks like someone depressed a brawny paper towel on clay and lifted it up.

I really feel like the staff and doctor witheld some of the hard facts about what to expect for fear I wouldn't commit. I was told I could go to work the next day. NOT! I recommend taking 4-5 days away from the public eyes. I also had to spend $90 for the cream they wanted me to use. I may have shopped around if I knew about it ahead of time. A little vunerable to be told what you need right as your face is on fire and you're trying to get home!

I am excited to see the results after this first treatment. If I'm satisfied enough, I may not go for the second. I definitely won't do a third. I may have a different tone when I'm a bit older, however.

Dr. Metz

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