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I had a rhinoplasty with dr pope in july of 2012 to have a dorsal hump removed and some tip refinement. I was in love with my nose at first, but as time went on and swelling decreased over the next year, i was left with a collapsed nasal valve on the right side which appeared as a dent in my nose. My tip was very long and overprojected, i guess he didnt account for the fact that removing the hump would make my nose appear more projected. He should have brought the tip closer to my face to account for this, but alas he did not. I returned to him a year later to express my concern over the dent in my nose and he replied with....ur just seeing the shadow from where your nasal bone ends?? Because of this dent my nose also looked very crooked. What I wouldnt give to have my original nose back. At least it was symmetrical. Anyway, $8000 later i have since had a revision which has improved my nose drastically and my breathing. I had to have a cartilage graft, lucky i had enough left in my nose to use for that. Dr Pope is very nice, has a good bedside manner, and a lovely staff, however his skills seems to be lacking and he took no responsibility for the way my nose looked. I saw 2 revision specialists who took one look at me and knew my concern before I even said anything. The fact that dr pope couldnt admit that my nose looked jacked up really bothers me. Honestly it doesnt matter because i wouldnt have let him touch it again anyway. Word to the wise, dont choose a doctor based on proximity, not my only reason for choosing him obviously, but definitely played a factor. I had my revision with dr steiger in boca raton and he did an excellent job with what he had to work with. My nose is still not perfect and im not looking for perfection, but if i could do it all over again, i would take back my birth nose.

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