50 yr old wanting a tighter neck and lower face

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50 yr old wanting a tighter neck and lower face

Hello, Im hoping for advice or any things anyone who has undergone a lower facelift/necklift. I have booked it for midle of April. No one knows except my hubby and 2 friends. I have a hairsalon so I have boked 2 weeks off. I have a big 50th bday party planned for myself about 7 weeks after the surgery. I dont have alot of support from friends and family which is the reason I have to keep it a secret. Im hoping I can see people after 2 weeks and they wont be able to tell. I have had alot of dental work in the past which had some swelling so im hoping I can brush it off with that unless its to bad. Im back and forth with thinking I should cancel. I have a great PS and the price is 20.000. Im very very squeemish with blood and have never had any surgery or been put under. If anyone would be kind enough to share their experience with me I would be very grateful.

Thank you :)

49 yrs old getting ready for lower face…

49 yrs old getting ready for lower face lift
Having a lower face lift neck lift in less that 2 weeks. Would be grateful to anyone who has any tips or advice. Very nervous but excited. Decided to do it for my 50th bday. This site has helped me and I'm happy to see so many women supporting each other. It's not a easy decision to make. Hoping all goes well. I will post pics after its done. Thank you!

Just had my lower face lift neck lift with fat transfer

Had a neck lift lower face lift today. I was so happy to finally have this day come. Feeling many different feelings today ut im glad its done and can start recovering. This site really helped me with information.

4 days into lower facelift, necklift, fat transfer

First day was pretty foggy never had general before. Woke up feeling awful with the head bandages. Slept only 3 hrs stayed awake waiting to go back to the dr to get the bandages off. Was really shocked to see myself afterwards, the feeling why do I do this was very strong the 2nd and 3rd day. Im not one for pain pills so keep taking extra strength tylenol instead of the percs. Was having lower face lift and necklift but before hand the dr advised I do a small fat transfer. Afterwards I didnt have a scar on my chin and questioned the dr, he said I didnt need to tighten the bands as there was hardly anything there. Im thankful for that now. Things no one tells you are, the tightness is unbearable, you can not feel from your cheeks to you lower neck, the fat transfer has caused major swellig under my left eye. Although I can see the nice neckline I have a very strange looking smile. I know its still early so alot of healing will take place and it will look different. Its a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Not sure I would have done this if I knew all of this before everything I read was so positive. Hope its all temporary.

49 Lower Face to and Fat Transfer

Day 6

These pics were right before surgery. Today I will be removing the stitches. Sorry the pics are not in order.

Pics from lower face and neck lift

Day 6 from surgery pics from different days

49 Yrs Old Lower Facelift Fat Transfer

10 days post surgery. Swelling is still bad but getting better. Scars are almost gone except for a little redness. Important to sleep upright to keep swelling down. Massaging the hard areas around my cheeks and neck 3 times a day really helped even out the lumps and bumps. Bought different incline pillows and they really like a waste of money, very uncomfortable. My own pillows propped up worked well and let me sleep. If anyone has any questions I would love to anwser I know the feeling beforehand of not knowing what to expect and being scared.

12 days since lower facelift fat transfer

Its been 12 days and things have gotten much better each day. The swelling is minimal and the bruising is very easily covered with make-up. My scars are hardly visibly except for a little redness. The lumps and bumps were pretty bad but ever since I started massaging they have gotten almost non existent. The numbness and tightness is uncomfortable but bearable. It is true the first 8 days are hard but it does get easier. Good luck to everyone and thank u to everyone for all your kind words and messages. This pic is from today.

Happy with Lower Facelift and Fat Transfer

3 weeks since my lower face lift and fat transfer. Almost healed except for some numbness and couldn't be happier. It is hard to be patient with the swelling and uneveness but everyday it's gets better. I have a even smooth jawline and do not look like I've had surgery which was important. Highly recommend.

Have a small raised stitch and swelling on the right side cheek.

Almost a month out from lower face-neck lift and fat transfer. I had a small area on my right cheek that almost looked like a pimple from the beginning. It gradually got worse and had alot of swelling and lumpiness around it. Was told it is a stitch under the skin and swelling is from that. Is not uncommon but will not go away until stitch disolves. The PS is great and has seen me a couple of times a week to check on it, he also drained it with a needle to see if there was fluid but there wasnt, so now I wait. My Dad thought I got bit by something when he saw it. Im wondering if anyone else has experienced this? It has gotten a little better but I guess Im impatient, everything else looks great.

1 month post

It has been 1 month since my surgery, things are pretty much the same. The tightness and numbness is getting better, I would recomend massaging in the morning and at night, I bought a brush for cleansing one side with bristles and the other side has a flat surface which works great for massaging, I use coconut oil and a blend of oils for hydration and my skin has never felt better. Was using a warm cloth first to soften up the area and it felt really nice. I believe this has helped the hardness and lumpiness. Although I will be glad when I dont have to do this anymore. Also found the sleeping any other way besides my back would result in a little more swelling and ridges in my face so staying on your back helps, also keep the salt intake down. I know these things were only said for the first couple of weeks but I think they are helpful for longer. Everyday small changes happen so I will be happy when the 3-6 month mark approaches so I can see the final result. Hope these comments help anyone starting there FL journey. :)

1 month post

One month after lower facelift

11 Weeks Post Op Review

11 weeks since my lower facelift necklift and fat transfer. Have 80% feeling back in my face and ears ans scars are almost totally gone. Finally can sleep comfortably on my side without strange lumps and indents on my cheeks when I wake up. Have to say it was alot more than I was expecting but Im now happy I did it. I have a little fat under my chin and had a stitch under my cheek causing swelling that my Dr was seeing every week along with swelling under my eye that wasnt resolving. Happy the stitch and swelling jave almost totally gone away. I used warm compresses and massaged alot and it really helped. The fat under my chin will be removed in 2 months when healing is more complete with liposuction. Throughout my Dr. Was caring, concerned, and I couldnt ask for better care. His staff have also been amazing. Good luck to evertone taking this journey its not easy but worth it.
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Amazing clinic, Dr and staff.

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