48 year old with thinner skin due to medication side effects

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48 year old with thinner skin due to medication side effects

Hello... I'm looking for encouragement/hearing your experience for three concerns.
1/ choosing a doctor. I'm sure there is someone wonderful for me to work with here in the Bay Area, CA, but I am drawn to travel to see Dr. Harley in NC. I have already had an initial consultation with him. But I've been told that in case of complications beyond 10 days (I would plan to stay for 10 days) it's best to work with someone close to home. Advice on how I choose?

About the photos, my skin has thinned a bit from living on prednisone for many years, which I've since been able to get off of. But then a crazy thing happened -- I injured my neck a year ago when I put a heavy strip of wax on my chin and it wouldn't come off without A LOT of force, and it actually separated the epidermis from the dermis (or something like that) and instantly caused this hanging off look. I was pretty devastated for a couple months as you can probably imagine, until I became determined to take care of it.
I've saved money for the past year in order to repair this, and even though I'm not as devastated as I was a year ago, I still really want to do it. It would be a gift to myself for all the years I was not financially able to take better care of myself while living with a chronic autoimmune illness for 20 years. (I have been healthy for a couple years, but have thinner skin because of it. Even before I injured my neck, I was already concerned with what occurred to me as accelerated aging.)

2/ I am also equally really scared of looking fake afterwards, even though I see so many people who look wonderful, it's still hard to be confident about this. Would love to hear your experiences with being afraid and going through with it anyway.

3/ A very unexpected complication arose and I would love to know what the Real Self community would say. I reconnected with a man I dated a long time ago and things are going REALLY well between us, I mean REALLY well, and he doesn't want me to have the procedure because he loves me as I am AND he's afraid of it. He says he will support me through it, but his fear of this kind of procedure is effecting my courage to go through with it. If we hadn't reconnected I might have had the procedure already. I agreed to wait for a while and I'm okay with that because it's incredibly wonderful to be fully loved and accepted as I am, but I still want to do this for me. And yet it's weighing on me. Thoughts on any or all 3 of these concerns?

Thank you so much. I had been following profiles for most of 2016 but I've been away from reading everyone's profiles for the past few months. I decided I should reach out and see if it helps me take the next step.
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