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Thank you Dr. Shaddix!!

Breast Augmentation

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5 Oct 2016

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Thank you Dr. Shaddix!!

Dr. Shaddix is a really good doctor. I highly recommend him. He was super kind and respectful with me. He personally answered all my questions anytime I needed. I spent a good deal of time researching doctors and had many questions. Eventually I made different appointments to have second opinions, and Doctor Shaddix just got me, he was so personal I didn’t feel like one more patient. He took his time and worked with me to make sure I was getting what I wanted and he did an awesome job on me. I feel just more than beautiful. Even my friends and family always tell me how beautiful I look. I am so grateful to found a Doctor like him. If I was going to have any other surgery I would definitely choose Dr. Shaddix without a doubt. Dr. Shaddix thank you so much for your care and attentions, you really are a amazing Doctor!!