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Thank you Dr. Llorente for the Amazing Results!

Breast Augmentation

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25 Sep 2016

Updated, 1 day ago

Thank you Dr. Llorente for the Amazing Results!

Dr. Llorente is very soft spoken and nice which puts me at ease. He is very knowledgeable and skillful-I have the results that proves this. He also cares about your results, directing me when he saw that my results isn't going to be optimal. My results is AWESOME!!! I'm thinking of doing BBL in a year and I'm definitely going to him. All of the staff I've encountered are nice but I do believe changes are needed - daily routine process and customer service improvement. I have to comment also on the nurse that took care of me prior and immediately after surgery, SHE WAS SIMPLY a KIND, WARM & NICE PERSON. I which I remembered her name. In all my expectations were exceeded by Dr Llorente skill. Thank you!