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Best Doctor I have ever had - Tucson, AZ, Arizona, AZ

Fat Transfer

mepawlm, Arizona, AZ

Doctor Review

20 Oct 2016

1 day ago

Best Doctor I have ever had - Tucson, AZ - Arizona, AZ

I am not sure where to even start on how amazing this doctor is. I was hurt very badly by a negligent doctor here in Tucson. I was damaged very badly. I had been harmed by a V-beam laser that removed tons of my facial fat, tissue, volume, etc... and left me dented and scarred beyond repair. Somehow, I came across Dr. Edward Eades, and I am so thankful, that the thought of not having found him literally frightens me. I was depressed. I had no hope. I felt ugly and lived like a hermit. He recently performed a fat transfer from my abdomen to my face, as well as PRP treatment and I kid you not, every single day I wake up with more of the scars filled in, the volume restored, and my skin texture and redness completely subsiding. Instead of dreading every day, I look forward to what each day will bring. What new improvements I will get to enjoy and be thankful for. I was so scared for this procedure, but his assistant Anita, and himself relieved me of that fear immediately at the time of the surgery. I simply cannot be more thankful, and I think he is extremely knowledgable and knows exactly what he is doing, and his work shows that, precisely. I'm just so thankful... I will trust in him for the remainder of his time in practice, and though I am moving across the country in just 12 days, I will fly here for any of my future needs he can fulfill. He is that great at what he has passionately chosen to do.