Fat transfer gone entirely wrong in the most devastating way

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Tucson Plastic Surgeon

Updated rating: It is very hard for me to have reached this point. Unfortunately ever since a few days after my 2nd fat graft with Dr. Eades, I have had a really terrible outcome. The things I am going through are absolutely ridiculous and preventable. I don't even know where to begin. I suppose I will start with the fact that days after my 2nd injections, I had dark rings around both eyes. After seeing 2 doctors about this, I learned it was vascular congestion from the fat putting too much pressure on my veins around my eyes. I figured this would go away after a few weeks or so, but it has only gotten worse. I cannot sleep laying down any more, I need to sit directly upright or the swelling and black rings get so bad that my right eye is nearly swollen shut in the morning. I am currently extremely asymmetrical. My right cheek is higher then my left, causing my right eye to appear smaller then my left because my lower eye lid is being manipulated to a higher point. Fat from my left cheek has crept up my temple, only on that side, raising the corner of my eyebrow. There is throbbing in my mouth on the top, and roof of my pallet, and there is throbbing around my eyes. My nose is being manipulated to the left because there is too much fat on the right side pushing against it. I have constant sinus pressure and dry eyes. I am absolutely miserable and cry several times a day. I have been hiding out in my house ever since the last procedure, because it is hard for me to hear comments from friends or family members asking me why my eye is swollen, or what happened to my nose, why do I have black eyes, etc... This is not something I can just let go. It is affecting me both medically and cosmetically. After finally getting Dr. Eades to talk with me about it ( I had to push for communication) he admitted to me that he has only ever removed 1 fat lump from someone post fat graft. I was not about to put myself in amateur hands for micro-liposuction. So, I had to search for days to find the right doctor that felt confident in removing all of this and reshaping my face back to my original features that have been manipulated from this horrible fat transfer. The worst part is that this is going to take my entire savings to correct. It will cost me roughly $15,000.00 with my flights and hotel included to travel to the doctor that is hopefully going to work a miracle. I have to be opened up entirely. The fat has spread so many unexpected places that the doctor needs to be able to remove it the same way someone would be opened up for a facelift. I will have to suffer new scars and a lengthy healing process. At the end of the day, I would much rather go back to the small dents I thought were the worst things ever. This has been a nightmare and Dr. Eades has not expressed any real concern nor has he apologized nor offered any refund of his services that have only lead me to misery and loss of my savings. I am not saying that Dr. Eades is not a talented doctor... surely in the right category he has skills that may truly please. However, in my experience, I would not recommend fat grafting to the face, under the skin injections from him. I pray I can find happiness again, and that the doctor I will be seeing can literally work a miracle. He is going to need to put me under for about 6 hours to fix this. Please send good thoughts my way. I'm devastated right now... I chose a 2 star for this review because I am not a mean vengeful person, but I feel my experience with this situation has earned such rating. Original rating: I am not sure where to even start on how amazing this doctor is. I was hurt very badly by a negligent doctor here in Tucson. I was damaged very badly. I had been harmed by a V-beam laser that removed tons of my facial fat, tissue, volume, etc... and left me dented and scarred beyond repair. Somehow, I came across Dr. Edward Eades, and I am so thankful, that the thought of not having found him literally frightens me. I was depressed. I had no hope. I felt ugly and lived like a hermit. He recently performed a fat transfer from my abdomen to my face, as well as PRP treatment and I kid you not, every single day I wake up with more of the scars filled in, the volume restored, and my skin texture and redness completely subsiding. Instead of dreading every day, I look forward to what each day will bring. What new improvements I will get to enjoy and be thankful for. I was so scared for this procedure, but his assistant Anita, and himself relieved me of that fear immediately at the time of the surgery. I simply cannot be more thankful, and I think he is extremely knowledgable and knows exactly what he is doing, and his work shows that, precisely. I'm just so thankful... I will trust in him for the remainder of his time in practice, and though I am moving across the country in just 12 days, I will fly here for any of my future needs he can fulfill. He is that great at what he has passionately chosen to do.

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