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Tacoma Plastic Surgeon

June 2016 I had a double mastectomy and reconstruction started at the same time. Unfortunately Dr. Semlacher wasn't my first reconstruction doctor. That doctor left me with results I wasn't even somewhat happy with and I did not want my final surgery to be with that doctor. I searched high and low hoping to find not only a new doctor that I would feel more confident and comfortable with, but one that would take on my case since I was only half finished. I thought I was good with my first choice, so I was extra picky the second time around. During my first meeting with Dr. Semlacher, it became very apparent that he was an honest doctor that tells it exactly how it is, good or bad. He explained in great detail how he would "fix" my breasts and what type (American made with a warranty!) and size of implants he would be using. No tubes needed, no fat grafting needed, and no more surgeries! All of which was the complete opposite of my first doctors approach. On the day of my surgery with Dr. Semlacher, I felt like a little kid at Christmas! I was so excited that I had a doctor I had 100% confidence in and I was going to be fixed with this one last surgery. Going home I felt so much less pain that I was expecting. I actually felt better than before the surgery! I had 4 post-op appointments with Dr. and he explained everything I needed to know in order to get my body back into shape and to ensure that my implants feel and act as natural as possible. I can finally look in a mirror again and smile instead of cry! There really are no words to express my gratitude to him and what he was able to do for me. He has an amazing gift and I would highly recommend him to anyone needing any kind of breast augmentation or reconstruction.

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