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Won't be continuing treatment with Dr Gabriel


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11 Oct 2016

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Won't be continuing treatment with Dr Gabriel

I was born with a cleft lip and palate. I sought out dr Gabriel to use juvederm filler to make my upper lip more even and natural looking about 2 1/2 years ago. The first time I went in I had to go back to have a touch up which was fine since it wasn't a "normal" lip filler situation. The next time was maybe 6 months after the initial filler and it was pretty good and I was mostly happy with it. The next time I went in was about 8 months after and I was actually really pleased with the results and didn't have to go back for a year. When I did go back in a few weeks ago I expressed that I just wanted a little bit to fill the middle of my upper lip (that's where it was the most "deflated" and needed more volume to look even). It ended up settling very uneven with a dent in the middle of my upper lip. Then when I asked for a fuller look on the corners of my lip he said it would look bad and wouldn't do it. I waited a few weeks and I knew from a day or two after it wasn't going to look good. I scheduled another appointment for a touch up and when I went in he was very quick and seemed like it wanted to get it over oath. I mentioned that I should (for the first time) use some filler in my bottom lip so that the top didn't seem so large in comparison. Not only is my upper lip still very uneven but even the amount he out in my bottom lip which is a normal non defected area is totally lopsided. My left side is way bigger than the other side and I'm even more uneven looking all together than I was before. I have 2 friends who have had breast augmentation from him and they were very happy with their results but I now realize he probably isn't the most confident with facial fillers. I sadly will be looking for a new person to do my filler one this filler runs its course.