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Do not go to him, botched!

Breast Augmentation


Doctor Review

11 Nov 2016

1 day ago

Do not go to him, botched!

As a brief history, I got prior surgery from another surgeon in Mexico & I won't name this persons name because then it will seem like I'm advertising for them. & though he didn't have good bedside manners, he performed really well. Makes sense that he has over 200 reviews on here. Years later I decided to get more work done & I decided to try & give dr Gutierrez a try because it was for different procedures. But honestly it has been nothing but a disaster with him & his staff. Botched job! Literally botched. Not 1 procedure came out ok. I wish I could disclose what went wrong specifically but I'd rather not deal with the harassment from them. But I will say this, I got a breast reduction with implants. & it's not that they look even or something minor. My implant is ruptured or has a dent in it. There is lumpiness on my breast that is causing pain. Don't trust the implants here. I have to get them replaced & I also had a big opening on the incision, almost turned infected. It has been a nightmare. So much more money will be towards fixing what he screwed up. Staff is unavailable. They just want your money. Don't be fooled by his demeanor. You get what you pay for.