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NOT Board Certified and Staff Doesn't Care

Breast Reduction

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19 Oct 2016

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NOT Board Certified and Staff Doesn't Care - Los Angeles, CA

Doctor Mountcastle is a nice guy, but it should be known that he is NOT a board certified plastics surgeon. Moreover, I explained to his staff member that I needed to possibly reschedule my surgery because of travel dates that were going to come soon after. She became upset that I only gave one weeks notice and explained that she didn't know if she could reschedule me. I think it is completely inappropriate to try and coerce a patient away from cancelling a surgery for important medical reasons. Her response, "it is what it is." If you are getting a surgery where you are paying out of pocket, I highly suggest you look into other options. If you have this surgery approved by your insurance, there is likely a board certified plastic surgeon who will accept you and put your health and needs first, over their booking schedule.