Best BA surgeon. My BA is amazing ! Super satisfied with this doctor

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Toronto Plastic Surgeon

My experience with Dr.Jindal was amazing. When we first had my consultation he was very friendly and he knew perfectly how to explain all the different kinds of implants I could use to get my BA. he made me fee very comfortable and he never hesitated to answer any of my questions. I didn't feel rushed at all like I did with other doctors either. I decided on 525CC cohesive gel implants During the day of surgery (May 5th) I was extremely nervous ! I sat in the overnight room waiting with a friend as as the time ticked down I started crying ! Lol Dr.Jindal and his assistant made sure me and my nerves were calmed down before proceeding and they were super nice about it. after surgery all the staff were kind and I had everything I needed to feel comfortable ! I never got a single negative vibe from anyone. My breasts turned out AMAZING. AT FIRST. I freaked out. The incision was scary, the boobs looked scary. The pain was tolerable .... but after a month the incisions healed and the swelling went down and my breasts dropped to a normal look and I was shocked at how perfect they are ! I am not almost 5 months post OP and I am IN LOVE. I HIGHLY recommend Dr.Jindal. If u have ANY questions he answers them no hesitation he's just drugged awesome.

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