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An Amazing Experience with No Regrets


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18 Nov 2016

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An Amazing Experience with No Regrets

I've always hated my nose ever since I'd been made fun of its shape and bump in high school and actually began to notice it. I was not comfortable meeting new people or having anyone look at my profile. I found Dr. Kassir by doing some research online and instantly decided he was going to be my rhinoplasty surgeon. The outcomes pictures and reviews made me feel extremely reassured. Booking an appointment was an easy process and once at the clinic I knew I had made the right decision. Everyone was extremely friendly, helpful and supportive. Dr. Kassir made me feel so at ease. He answered all my questions, gave me professional suggestions and listened to my input as well. Fast forward to post-surgery, I am absolutely in love with my new nose. It is a very natural one that goes well with my face to the point where no one notices that I had any changes in my face until I point it out. Not to mention how comfortable I feel with it and with meeting new people. I am no longer afraid of having people see my profile and in fact, I now love taking pictures of myself from the side!