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Make SURE you know his aesthetic.


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24 Oct 2016

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Make SURE you know his aesthetic. - Redlands, CA

I had primary rhinoplasty along with straightening of my nasal septum with Dr. Daniel several years ago. The main reason I had nose surgery in the first place was because I had trouble breathing through my deviated septum, and one of my nostrils collapsed when I breathed deeply or sniffed. I figured while he was in there he could fix the bump on the top of my nose and make it a little smaller. The end result is that I have a very upturned nose which isn't natural looking, AND my nasal septum is now deviated again! I also have a collapsed nostril on the same side as before. I wonder if the cosmetic part of the procedure overshadowed the functional/breathing part. As for the upturned nose, I think this is his aesthetic. If you like an upturned barbie nose, this may be the surgeon for you, but if you want a more natural look, I'd recommend going elsewhere. Also, considering the purpose of my surgery was primarily functional - to improve breathing, he failed in this area. I think he's over-hyped and overconfident (and overcharges!)