Restylane Gave Me the Lips of my Dreams

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I had gotten Botox and Restylane at the same time...

I had gotten Botox and Restylane at the same time last month – Botox in my forehead and Restylane in my lips with a tiny bit also in my nasal lines. I love the results of each but together they are amazing! For Restylane: I wanted most of it in my lips because this is my real problem area. I have always had thin lips which I think make me look bland. People with larger lips just look happy, maybe because there is more there when they smile? Anyway, the deal was to do my lips to their fullest and then use the rest on my fine nasal lines (they aren’t deep). It HURT to inject my lips, let me tell you. The numbing shots were almost as bad as the Restylane injections. Afterwards my lips were swollen for maybe a few days, and I kept ice on them intermittently. I did the massages too and can happily report that my Restylane is smooth and lump-free! My nasal lines are looking better too and all together I feel this was the perfect choice. Bigger lips, which I’ve always wanted. A perkier face that makes me look younger. And treating the anger lines that have always plagued me. The total package and I am more than willing to go back 4x a year to keep it this way. I was really flattered when my cousin, who is ten years younger and drop dead gorgeous, said I looked amazing and asked what I was doing. She didn’t mean plastic surgery or Botox but just thought I had met a new man or been eating better! Maybe she should have asked WHO I was doing! LOL I do feel approachable and younger now. I’m hoping the results will last 3 months. I will be satisfied with that.
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