Botox and Restylane - a Great Combo!

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I had gotten Botox and Restylane at the same time...

I had gotten Botox and Restylane at the same time last month – Botox in my forehead and Restylane in my lips with a tiny bit also in my nasal lines. I love the results of each but together they are amazing! For Botox: they injected into my brows and between my forehead with a series of injections. I wanted to get rid of anger lines above my nose and lighten the look of my eyes too. I left feeling headachy but normal otherwise. The Botox gradually kicked in over the next 2-3 days, and by the third day I couldn’t make my anger lines anymore. The feeling was bizarre, a strange tightness and pressure like someone was pushing a board into my forehead. Overall this wasn’t too bad and that faded to just about nothing by the end of the week. I was on Tylenol to control the aches and it worked great. Botox did what I wanted it to not just by stopping my anger lines on my forehead but also by lifting up my face. Those muscles had become lax and used to frowning too so my eyebrows were perpetually down. I did look stern a lot, I notice now. People have commented on my results by saying I look refreshed and younger. This is a combination of Restylane and Botox, because Restylane got rid of my fine lines and Botox softened my face. I feel approachable and younger now. I’m hoping the results will last 3 months. I will be satisfied with that.

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